Travel Restrictions

Do you understand the basics of air travel and luggage restrictions? There have been various changes throughout the years due to increase security at airports. You’ll need to understand the luggage restrictions.

Do note that there may be differences in restrictions when traveling outside of the United States. Be sure to check with the airlines about any additional restrictions if you are traveling to other countries. Here’s a quick guide to what you can and cannot bring with you on the plane.

Liquids, Gels, Aerosol Containers

The basic restriction is that you must have only 3 ounces of each liquid in small containers. You can’t have 3 ounces of liquid in bigger containers. That means you have to leave your rolled up toothpaste and big bottles at home.

On top of that, you have to put all of your liquid small bottles in a quart size only plastic baggie. That quart sized plastic bag must have a zipped top. You can’t use gallon-sized bags, and you can’t use bags that are unzipped, like a sandwich bag.

Once you get to the airport, you have to pull out this bag and put it on the conveyor belt if you are taking it with your carry-on luggage.

Save The Trouble Tip – Don’t bring anything liquid or gel with you if you can help it. Buy new small travel size items when you get to your destination, and throw them away before you take off for home.

Exceptions To The Rule – Baby formula or milk for baby, or juices for toddlers. Prescription or over the counter products, including eye saline. Juice or liquids for people with a medical condition. Basically, if you have any medical condition or disability and you are taking liquids with you, you can bring those items with you on the plane, you just need to declare it to the security personnel at the airport.

Food and Drinks

Like the rules above, if it’s a liquid, or somewhat liquid, it has to be less than 3 ounces. You can have them checked or in your carry on items. In most cases any food that you have, as long as it is packaged properly, can be taken with you.

However, items you buy at the airport can be taken with you on the plane. If you’re at the airport and buy something for the trip, you can save some checkpoint hassle by purchasing food and drinks beyond the security point.

Save The Trouble Tip – Use clear packaging when you take food items from home with you, that way security won’t have to open things up to see what is inside.

Cigarette Lighters And Matches

Your common every day lighter is permitted in your carry-on luggage only. You might have to throw away some if you have more than one on your person.

You can also take with you matches, but they must not be the strike anywhere kind. They must be in a small pack.

Electronic Items

In general, all electronic items such as PDAs, cell phones, laptops, computer equipment, pagers and the like are permitted both checked and in your carry-on luggage. Most likely you’ll have to be prepared to pull it out and place it in special bins when going through the X-ray machine.

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