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Use Patience to Get an Ex Back

Women have a disadvantage in dating because they are more emotional than men. Unlike men, women are likely to show whether they are interested in someone right away and this can make men feel like they have power over them. Some men will take advantage of this power and use it to manipulate women. To avoid this situation, women need to learn to think like men. They have to learn to hide their feelings until they have an idea of how the man feels about them. This isn’t easy, but women who are able to do it can shift the power in a new relationship.

Of course, no matter what women do, many relationships just don’t work out. Breakups can be difficult and even though separating might be the best thing that can happen to the two people, it doesn’t always feel that way. Women who get dumped out of the blue tend to want answers and when they can’t get on the phone or talk to their former lover in person, they might get consumed with getting him back in other ways. This could include showing up at his house or place of employment. Those measures rarely produce the intended result and are certain to drive most men further away.

Rather than spending time plotting to get back someone who wants to get away, women should be patient. In some cases, he will reach out first, either through a text or phone call. If he doesn’t, sending a text several weeks after the breakup to ask how he’s doing is a great way to break the ice. After talking for a while via text messaging, a couple who recently broke up will have a good idea of whether trying to rekindle the relationship is a good idea or not.

The time they spend apart should be used to clear their heads and decide what they want for their future. Women should try not to spend too much time thinking about their ex. Instead, they should look at dating tips for women and work on aspects of themselves that would make them a better girlfriend, either for the ex they want back or a better man who comes into her life later.